Routine Dress Shirt Colors and their Impact on Daily Lives

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Published: 30th May 2012
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From early times, the colors have been considered as the reflection of one’s thoughts and emotions. Most men think of paintings, artwork and other visual media as the representation of colors, sentiments and emotions, however the same effect can be found in the clothing and apparel. Specifically dress shirts are the representation of one’s personality. Therefore, choosing a perfect custom dress shirt for oneself is the difficult choice. Below we will discuss some commonly used shirt colors and their impact on daily lives.


Through history, red has been recognized as a dynamic shade that brings thoughts of love, heat, energy and ambiance. Since red is highly effective and quite bold, it is wise to use only a little bit of it in shirts. One can wear a light red or maroon colored shirt in parties or friendly get together. For a shiny red color, it is advised to restrict it to the tie and you will get the attention you want.


In comparison to red color, blue is regarded as relaxing and peaceful shade that makes people thinks of the sea. Wearing a blue color dress shirt is commonly recommended and dressed in blue is always considered a prudent choice, whether presenting in your tie, custom dress shirt, or your whole fit.


Green is also considered a relaxing shade that brings people near to the nature and its characteristics. On other hand, green is also the color of money, envy and jealousy. To avoid looking odd, it is best to restrict the green color to tie.

Emerald is a shade of green color and is particularly bright and light with faint bluish cast. It has been named emerald due to its resembling shade with gemstone emerald. In spring season, the green color is soothing to the eye. An emerald green shirt sends message of a nature-loving person. Wearing an emerald green shirt with the black trousers or even white ones would keep you in the limelight of every occasion.


Yellow color is shade that shows happy, dynamic and energetic attitude that draws interest. Opting for yellow and gold color can be bossy, so choosing a light yellow color for custom dress shirt is the best option. Its better to restrict gold and dark yellow to the tie or casual shirts. If you prefer wearing it as a formal dress shirt then it is reasonable to use coat or jacket over it. Choosing a Yellow dress shirt and grey sports coat is quite stylish and trendy combination these days.


Grey is basically the combination of black and white. Grey color represents neutral behavior and sophisticated personality. Wearing a grey dress shirt is a good option for men. It can be worn on various occasions such as office, business meetings, weddings, parties or hangout with friends and family. Grey is generally considered dull and not bright or attractive. For a date or romantic dinner with wife, this color is not appropriate; wearing bright colors is the best option.

Black and White

Black and White are regarded as the most conventional colors and go with just about any shade. For anyone stressed about what to wear to an official meeting or business conference, black or white work well for nearly any combination of suits, ties and pants.


Olive is unexpectedly old and its track back goes to middle English, it is dark shade of yellow or chartreuse color. In official environments, it is very rare that you will find olive color dress shirt. This can be your advantage by wearing a perfect custom dress shirt in olive color.


People with maroon color are considered likable and generous. These men are well disciplined and have mature personality. Maroon color makes man look generous and sincere with his work and duties. Maroon custom dress shirt looks great with dark or light colored pants like black or ecru color.

This color is dark and dull and makes the wearer prominent in official environment. Maroon also looks awesome on weddings and parties by wearing an ecru or light grey colored suit. To some maroon is also a symbol of dignity, nobility, power and wealth achieved after long and tough experiences of life.


Orange colored dress shirts are very bright and shows the dynamic attitude. Orange color is rarely worn as a formal dress shirt as it looks quite odd in official environment. However, men of taste and colorful choice, often opt orange dress shirts in casual events and parties. Orange color looks great with light colored pants like ecru or light brown.


Ivory colored dress shirts are one of the most stylish and trendy looking shirts. Ivory is an off-white color that resembles to ivory, the material out of which the teeth and tusks of animals (such as, the elephant and the walrus) is made. It has a very slight tint of yellow. Ivory fit shirts are perfect choice for men of all ages. This color has a profound effect on men as it makes them look on positive sides of all aspects. It looks great with pants of all colors.

Buy dress shirt of that color which suites you best.

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