Recommended Dress Shirt Fabrics for Men

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Published: 15th June 2012
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Dress shirts are the main item of men’s wardrobe and needs a lot of variety and style in it. the need of variety and style is because that men have to daily wear different dress shirts and bringing novelty in their attire is a must. Apart from choosing different styles, attributes and colors, men should also try dress shirts in different fabrics. Below, we will discuss some recommended fabrics for men.


Pinpoint fabric is both durable and dressy with a nice shine unlike broadcloth. Pinpoint is heavily worn on formal and casual occasions. Pinpoint is known for its subtle texture and the custom dress shirt made of pinpoint is lighter than the oxford.

In formal occasions, pinpoint is always preferred as it has smoothness and shininess that is liked by everyone. One of the most high quality shirts available in industry is of pinpoint fabric, which has two-ply with 120s weight and high thread count. To maximize the durability of pinpoint fabric, it can also be combined with synthetic blend. However, the ability of pinpoint to wrinkle easily forces many men to prefer oxford shirt. Still many men prefer pinpoint dress shirt due to its lightweight, finest and smooth texture and subtle shine.


Poplin is a strong fabric in plain weave and is a medium to heavy weight fabric mostly made up of cotton or cotton-polyester blend. These days it is produced from various fibers like wool, cotton, silk, rayon, or any other blend. In recent years, poplin has evolved in fit shirts and other garments. It is heavily used in dress shirts and pants with softer or heavier cotton grades. Its manufacturing process helps it not to wrinkle easily and is kind of water and stain resistant. These days both men and women opt poplin dress shirts, which are soft and exhibit shine.


Herringbone is a fabric with distinctive pattern that consists of slanted parallel lines of short rows. The rows are oriented in opposite direction to each other that cause slanted lines to form a dense pattern of chevrons. The pattern is named after herring fish that is famous for its bony physique. Herringbone pattern depends on the personal taste as it can be made up of different colors or textures in order to make lines stand out. Herringbone dress shirt looks great on solid colors.

The weave method of herringbone creates illusion of a fine and meticulous finish. In comparison with oxford, herringbone dress shirt appears to be thicker, but it has a smoother feel and dressier look than oxford fabric. Dress shirts made of herringbone are symbol of superiority and elite class due to its expensiveness and rarity.


Twill is one of the favorites of dress shirt enthusiasts. It is quite easily recognized because of its diagonal lines or texture. This fabric is extremely tightly weaved, which means high thread counts. A fabric with high thread count is quite durable and expensive too. It is generally slightly shiny and some mistakenly take it as silk. Cotton twill is also one of the most commonly used fabrics among men, which is quite light and comfortable. Twill fabrics generally catch fewer stains because the weave tends to resist staining.


Traditionally broadcloth is a dense woolen cloth but in modern times, it is composed of cotton, silk or polyester. The fabric is very sturdy, soft and mainly used in cold areas. In dress shirt sale there is variety of colors and shades in broadcloth, but it is quite costly due to its high quality.

Cotton broadcloth fabric is getting quite much of popularity these days as its narrow subtle rib resembles with poplin. In broadcloth manufacturing, synthetic fibers are not used because they do not behave like wool or cotton. The cotton broadcloth is much lighter than wool broadcloth but have same sturdy properties.

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