Rare Yet Popular Dress Shirt Fabrics

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Published: 08th November 2012
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These days the trend of wearing dress shirts is getting more viral as most of the men opt dress shirts rather than polos or T-shirts. Although there are certain dress codes for office ware, but the latest trend in offices is getting somehow casual, apart from law firms and offices that have customer interaction. Man of today has become fashion conscious and likes to dress in style while watching over every single accessory. In the following article, we will discuss the different types of dress shirts used by men in office or other casual wares.


Silk fabric is the strongest natural fabric in the world and is practical for many uses. Because of its strength, beauty and luxurious feel, silk fabric is used for many different things. Silk takes well to dyes, both natural and synthetic, which results in colorful fabrics. Silk also have soft feel, and it retains its shape well, even after having been stretched. In appearance, silk has a sheen and luminosity that makes it look luxurious.

Silk has the property of being a very flexible material. A silk scarf can readily be pulled through a wedding ring, and it will quickly retake its original shape without a lot of wrinkling. A silk custom made dress shirt looks really awesome on men as they get a luminosity that makes them look stylish. Silk dress shirt tends to fall naturally and hangs delicately. This gives it a definite plus point over other fabrics that are more stiff and rigid. Silk dress shirts also hold its structural integrity and do not rot that makes it highly durable.

Silk dress shirts keeps one cool in the summer and it provides surprising warmth in the winter and is often used as an insulation layer in winter. Silk dress shirts can also absorb a fairly significant amount of moisture before it feels wet.


Denim is a rugged cotton twill fabric. The name denim was derived from the term serge de Nimes, which was a textile that originated in Nimes, France, in the Middle Ages. Denim was originally used for durable work clothes, such as blue denim overalls worn by painters and mechanics. Today, denim is used to create jeans, shorts, dress shirts, skirts, jackets and coats. Denim also needs to be cleaned properly to preserve its color and prevent it from shrinking.

Men can now wear their favorite denim custom dress shirt in office that they wore outside of work place previously. All men need is to accessorize it in a smart and professional manner. There are several ways to accomplish this without hurting their budget. Men can wear a well-pressed denim shirt with khakis or other light dress pant for a casual look. A darker-toned blazer and monochromatic matte tie dress the look up while never looking too formal. Always avoid pairing denim with more denim, unless doing so for practical reasons or for a denim-themed event. Pairing any material with itself tends to wash out a look.

Pink Dress shirts

The old concept regarding pink color is that it is only associated with women only. While men dressed in pink color were considered inappropriate and a social taboo. However today, due to evolving fashion and styles, the old norms have been changed, men and women have adopted and accepted the things previously associated with the vice versa. In olden times, a man in pink color was considered a less masculine and rather more feminine. Now, the previous characteristics of pink color associated with men have changed and become an attribute of male gender's sensitive side. Now men wearing dress shirts of pink color are considered emotional, loving, caring, stylish and easily approachable.

Wearing a contrast collar and frech cuff shirt is now getting in fashion and considered as symbol of professionalism and humbleness. Wearing a pink mens dress shirt with white collar and cuffs gives the wearer a striking and stylish look.

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