Now Time to Say Goodbye to Ready-Made Shirts

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Published: 28th March 2012
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The world of today is changing quickly with new trends uprising while the old ones fading away. The fashion industry is striding hard to bring more variety in everyday lives of people. Following the trend, men have also becoming more fashion conscious. In old days, fashion and style was only associated with women but in present times men have become more fashion and style aware. Whether you are working in financial or Law Company or you are in a position of power or appear on part of company, you may necessary have to adopt attire that reflects your position. You may also require dressing in a full suit if expected to interact with high profile clientele. No matter what type of environment is, in all circumstances, you will be necessarily required to wear high quality dress shirts.

Dusk of Readymade shirts

A man needs dress shirts for his daily needs, purchasing shirts off the rack gives a typical personality and the wish to stand out of the crowd is not obtained. Besides, marketplaces are loaded with same common designs and styles, which you might have bought six months ago. This lack of variety puts full stop on manís desires. Apart from old designs, the fitting of ready-made shirts are also inappropriate for most of the persons. The garment industry has standardized the sizes of readymade shirts into small, medium, large and extra large, while starting bulk production of shirts of same pattern, design and fabric. These days, time is money; viewing store after store and continuing the limitless search of a good dress shirt will cost you a lot in cost of time and still it will yield no fruitful results. Besides, the trend of wearing loose-fitted shirts has also vanished and now business-men look for ivory dress shirt that perfectly fit on their bodies.

Dawn of custom dress shirts

Now you must know that the time has come to bade goodbye to readymade shirts and step into the new era of custom dress shirts. Custom dress shirts Chicago online sellers have craftsmanship and state of the art technology, which is rare to find in readymade shirts industry. For instance, Fit Custom Shirts is one of the few custom shirt makers who provide the rare high quality shirts. The company also facilitates users in creating and customizing shirts in as less clicks as possible. While buying custom shirts, users have wide choice of over 300 fabric qualities, patterns and colors. Besides, in custom shirts users can customize every attribute of a dress shirt such as collars, cuffs, sleeves, plackets, pockets, pleats and yoke. In next step client has to select fitting and give measurements of shirt. Now let us have a brief detail about what kind of benefits you can achieve by the attributes of a custom dress shirt.

1. Collar

Many less people know the fact that the collar is the most important part of menís dress shirt. Collar is the main attribute that dictates the entire style of not only the shirt but also of the wearer. The angle of collar points, the height of collar band and length of collar plays important role in the style of a shirt. Collar lies very close to the face of wearer, which means thousands of people, which you meet and see, will notice you and collar closely everyday. There are many styles of a collar like narrow straight, classic straight, traditional spread, button down, curve point classic, etc. in custom shirt, you can choose all what you want.

2. Cuffs

Like collar, shirt cuffs also holds quite important place in the design and style of a shirt. Cuffs are the visible part and while talking, giving presentations, sitting with colleagues in office or party, in all occasions cuffs are the most visible part of shirt. Readymade shirts have plain cuffs made up of low quality material and have round or angled one button. However, in custom shirts men have open choice of choosing French cut-away, French square, square two button, convertible, etc.

3. Fitting

Apart from all styles, another important attribute of custom dress shirt is that you can have the fitting of your own choice. Men with muscular bodies, now opt for athletic fitting shirts as it exposes their well-developed body muscles, which gives them pure manly looks.

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