Learn How to Choose a Dress for Right Occasion

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Published: 25th June 2012
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The basic key of being successful and considered well dressed is to stand out in any setting. Whether it is a formal, black tie, casual, party, official or any other occasion your dressing must be superb according to the situation. Standing out from crowd because you are inappropriately dresses makes you seem daft. Showing up on a party in full formal dressing with suit, tie and all that stuff, when all other are most casually dressed in Tees and shorts will make you look ridiculous. In order to be well dressed, you will need to assess the situation and dress according to that.

Dress codes

Men of today consider wardrobe jargon as a foreign language. This is due to the fact that men of today always feel contended in their pathetic looking jeans and T-shirts. They never give thought or two on the dressing ethics and always go for their jeans. In order to save yourself from huge embarrassment, it is necessary that you know how to decode the invitation lingo. For formal events, carefully read the invitation, if it reads black tie, then it is one of the most formal occasions in which you will need tuxedo and wing collar dress shirt. if the invitation only reads formal then a nice suit with tie will suffice. Semi-formal occasions are a bit tricky as you do not know for sure that what people will be wearing. The rule thumb for these occasions is to ditch your tie when you suit up, but its preferable to keep it in your car, in case it is needed. In semiformal events, also remember to wear a perfect looking custom dress shirt that really fits on your body as you might need to remove coat as well. Cocktail events are the fun based events. In these events you have the liberty to bring creativity and crazy innovations in your dressing.

Making Right Impression

When you are certain of the dress code of the invitation, then giving a before hand thought on what kind of impression you want to make will help you a long way. Whether you are going to an ultra formal occasion or beach barbeque, there are always many ways of altering your whole ensemble to achieve looks ranging from highly polished and luxurious to tremendously looking ultra mod and stylish. For instance, while going for formal occasion you can rock the floor by opting custom dress shirt with altered fitting, collar style, cuffs, placket, yoke and pleats; dark colored suit supported with Windsor tie knot, trendy cufflinks, luxurious wristwatch, stylish belt and die-cut black leather polished shoes. At cocktail events, you can support your dressing with custom button-down dress shirt with double breast pockets, shoulder and cuff loops; snickers, scarves, chains and bandanas.

Formal wear

The most difficult thing for men is when they are invited on formal or black tie events. For these events, to go for single-breasted model is appropriate. However if you want to topple the ceiling, go for double-breasted topper. Your trousers should not be cuffed and should have black satin stripe or braid on outside seam. In terms of dress shirts, the best is to opt for wing collar dress shirt in poplin fabric while heavily starched and ironed with a nice bowtie.

Casual Dress

At times when you are just going to visit some friends and have some brews then choosing jeans and T-shirt seems fine. However, when you are in travelling mood to some resort or mall with girlfriend or favorite buddies, you would need to choose flat-front pants. Coupled with tucked in button-down dress shirt with customized double breast pockets, shoulder and cuffs loops. In summer season, you can also go for short sleeves dress shirts.

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